Tasco Freight Forwarder’s & Logistics Agents

Tasco Freight Forwarder’s & Logistics Agents

Tasco Freight Forwarder’s & Logistics Agents

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS, live with our motto “Your Success Is Our Business”
We always looking a dynamic professional and reliable partner round the world, to achieve our targets with serve a high quality service to our valued able clients as one team policy

TASCO Freight forwarders and logistics agent, recruitment policy based on qualified experience & professional abilities, TASCO always focus on long term reliable business relationships as one team one mission

TASCO welcome to all partners, with (Exclusive) and (NON- Exclusive) agency agreement basis

Key skills and qualifications of a Freight Forwarder or Forwarding Agent:

  • Previous experience as a Freight Forwarder or Forwarding Agent is preferable, but a background in administration may be acceptable.
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in freight forwarding field
  • Professional team to handle all inbound & out bound business smoothly.
  • Honest reliable and one team oriented
  • Good numeric skills are required as the role of Freight Forwarder or Forwarding Agent deals with quantities and volume.
  • Problem solving and negotiating skills are also an advantage in the role of Freight Forwarder or Forwarding Agent.
  • For those positions that deal with international cargo, ideally you will have specialist knowledge of the procedures and steps that need to be carried out to move cargo on an international scale.
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal are required as a Freight Forwarder or Forwarding Agent is required to liaise with different organizations/groups in their daily tasks.
  • Must be familiar with computer software programs e.g. Word, Excel, etc.
  • Good relationship with main line operators and excellent communication skill with customer & clients.

TASCO leaves as little to chance as possible. Too many things are bound to go wrong with international shipping. To that end, we have instituted well-established guidelines for conducting business between TASCO and its agents, and between TASCO and its subcontractors.

Annually TASCO and its partners share information regarding the processes for the compliance and production of documents – what elements are used, what terminology is meant, what language and nomenclature is employed. Shipping documentation requirements vary from year to year and from country to country. This annual review thoroughly and comprehensively addresses all changes in shipping document regulations so that they may be addressed proactively.

Additionally, we formulate our own shipping process that details where each company does its own part, how it initiates and finishes that part, how a partner party takes over to perform the next part in the process. We share this on a regular basis with our overseas partners.

Any agent who fails to abide by these standards, or who fails in the performance of the services, risks the integrity of the partnership. Of course, TASCO cannot expect 100% success rate in managing the complexity of supply chain fulfillment. Still, TASCO does except that it and its agents will pursue perfection.

We are really fully satisfied with TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED, services and performance. They delivered reliable break bulk vessel chartering to our all available commodities since 2013. Our management always appreciated TASCO team!

Marie Christine

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED serves us a very professional warehouse supply chain logistics services. And we thanks full to Team TASCO that they delivered more then we assume. We highly appreciated TASCO motto “Your Success is our business

Nobuo Ishida

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED is our exclusive custom clearing and freight forwarding partner. There HS CODE import / export facilities one of the main key part of our success full business. We are highly satisfied with TASCO team and their services.

Wanna Lorluelert

We pleasure to work with TASCO international logistics company limited. buying & Selling and Procurement services, we always get what we need TASCO international logistics company limited always care the best quality supplies to us in reasonable price with very competitive freight rates. we are really thanks full to team TASCO. With hope of longer business relationship

Eduardo Steigerwald

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED. Port and shipping agency facilities, give us the most economical cost factor and it’s really help full for us to achieve our goals to lifting maximum volume of Teu’s. We highly appreciated team TASCO and there company motto “Your Success is our business” is absolute reality. Thanks TASCO

Thorsten Neumann

ASEAN, will be the future biggest economical hub, especially for joint border countries.
TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED, really understand our needs and we are very glad to use there cross border trucking services & contractor liner facilities. It does really make us comfortable. Thanks team TASCO!

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