Tasco Air Freighter GSA & Facilities

Tasco Air Freighter GSA & Facilities

Tasco Air Freighter GSA & Facilities

TASCO AIR FREIGHTER GSA & FACILITIES based on consists of a team of professional energetic and dynamic people. We provide an international network with experience, flexibility, reliability, valuable contacts and the highest standard of expertise with a proven track record to back it up!
It always has been our vision that outsourcing of commercial air cargo activities provides for competitive advantages by enhanced professional focus, cost effective and practical reduction of administrative workload. Looking at the extremely competitive cargo market today, our value adding proposition has become even more promising.

If you are considering outsourcing your air cargo activities or if you simply feel you can achieve better results with your GSA do contact us!

Outsourcing in a more and more competitive cargo market is the answer for the airline to save significant costs and be assured of the best possible yields and load factors.

TASCO is your partner to outsource your cargo sales activities whereby we will keep the airline’s full identity and name in the market of course.


In the competitive and ever swiftly changing air cargo market, outsourcing of commercial airline activities provides for enhancement of professional focus and agility, potentially leading to significant cost savings and the best possible yields and load factors at the same time.
The TASCO aims for providing the best possible completed service to the airline and representation in the air cargo market, while fully maintaining the airline’s own identity and propositions.

TASCO is more than just a General Sales Agent for Cargo.

We can be more than just your GSA! On the one team concept we are the airline’s General Representative Agent and take care of all the airline’s services resulting in one specified invoice per month.Within the TASCO we work in a professional environment with dedicated staff and exclusive phone lines. Airlines, no matter what size, are given our utmost attention and dedication to guarantee the highest possible service and their own cargo identity.

Reservations and customer service

Airlines benefit from dedicated and specially trained reservations staff that is 24/7 available. Guaranteed. We offer dedicated telephone lines that are answered in person with the name of the carrier, fully representing the airline’s own identity. Our staff speaks your language figuratively, and literally, if desired.

Agents benefit in particular from our quick and easy accessibility, our professional expertise and pro-active approach. Knowing each other well supports our mutual business also.


TASCO providing Global Airline Services offers specially trained operational staff that represents the airline with authenticity and dedication. We guarantee a 24/7 availability. Whether if it is delivery of special cargo, preparation of ULD’s at the airline’s ground handler, or (UN) loading of the aircraft: all is monitored always with extreme conscientiousness

Finance & Accounting

TASCO is a fully certified with Gov. of ROYAL KINGDOM OF THAILAND.
And billing participant. On a monthly basis all IATA and CASS agents are invoiced through the CASS settlement system. Non-participating agents are invoiced directly, monthly as well. Digital billing- and CASS files are automatically generated by our Cargo-support system assuring maximum billing punctuality. Airline payments are done accurately as per agreed time frame.
For mutual benefits we are able to create and share periodical and/or specific detailed sales reports in any desired format.

Marketing & Sales

our target is to make the airline ‘preferred carrier’ for the cargo agent by means of:

  • Outstanding sales performance by our experienced and impassioned sales teams.
  • Incentive & kick back programs with top network forwarders.
  • Special promotions, like roadshows.
  • Study tours and incentive trips.
  • Mailings, advertisements and editorials in local and worldwide trade press.
  • Direct access to IATA Cass-stats for airline’s tailor made marketing and sales concepts.

With our airlines we share market intelligence by means of regular personal meetings in order to exemplify reports on facts, figures & vision on local and global developments. We aim figuratively for being the airlines’ eyes, ears and “right arm” in the cargo market!

TASCO appoints airline specific account managers. These account managers take, amongst other duties, responsibility for:

  • Providing the carrier with the reporting needs & desires.
  • Protecting the carrier’s service quality in ground- and ramp handling.
  • General quality control in cooperation with key agents.
  • Following up on claims and supporting administration.
  • Following and anticipating on worldwide market developments.
  • Devotion in making optimal and durable commercial results

We are really fully satisfied with TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED, services and performance. They delivered reliable break bulk vessel chartering to our all available commodities since 2013. Our management always appreciated TASCO team!

Marie Christine

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED serves us a very professional warehouse supply chain logistics services. And we thanks full to Team TASCO that they delivered more then we assume. We highly appreciated TASCO motto “Your Success is our business

Nobuo Ishida

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED is our exclusive custom clearing and freight forwarding partner. There HS CODE import / export facilities one of the main key part of our success full business. We are highly satisfied with TASCO team and their services.

Wanna Lorluelert

We pleasure to work with TASCO international logistics company limited. buying & Selling and Procurement services, we always get what we need TASCO international logistics company limited always care the best quality supplies to us in reasonable price with very competitive freight rates. we are really thanks full to team TASCO. With hope of longer business relationship

Eduardo Steigerwald

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED. Port and shipping agency facilities, give us the most economical cost factor and it’s really help full for us to achieve our goals to lifting maximum volume of Teu’s. We highly appreciated team TASCO and there company motto “Your Success is our business” is absolute reality. Thanks TASCO

Thorsten Neumann

ASEAN, will be the future biggest economical hub, especially for joint border countries.
TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED, really understand our needs and we are very glad to use there cross border trucking services & contractor liner facilities. It does really make us comfortable. Thanks team TASCO!

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