Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

A joint vanture is the best solution to build a strong team with wide range of international logitics services and control the world monopoly of trade developmenets.

You are looking for reliable and professional partner? Find and write your motto to us …….
Our Mission to re shape the future of logistics

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED is constantly driving the development of logistics solutions locally, nationally and globally. Our services and self-conception ensure the sustainable success of our company as well as societal acceptance.

We are already Thailand leading logistics services providers. But we want to be even better in the future. How do we do it? We strike a balance between economic, social and environmental pillars and position ourselves as a profitable market leader, an attractive employer and a pioneer in all environmental issues.

We take advantage of our experience and expertise to be able to offer our customers innovative and customized logistics concepts. We do so by encouraging innovation and expanding our commitment to research and science. We want to be an attractive employer and set new standards in terms of quality and customer satisfaction with qualified and motivated employees. And we also take responsibility when it comes to the environment. As a pioneer in environmental protection, we continuously develop our company and services for the future of logistics through our customer-oriented, economically successful, progressive, collaborative and responsible approach.


TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED. As one of the top 10 leading logistics providers in Thailand with roots in an emerging market, TASCO brings a new spirit of enterprise, flexibility and personal service to the delivery of logistics solutions for our customers. We understand emerging markets – their needs and unique challenges. As a result, we have developed powerful and unique capabilities. We leverage these capabilities around the world to help build access to new markets and new opportunities for our customers.

Our values

We will pursue our mission, vision, and customer promise of personal service with a passion our motto “Your Success is Our Business”


Building trust with customers, communities, suppliers and one another by doing what is
Right, keeping our promises, being a good citizen, complying with regulations and laws, and
Honoring rules of engagement

Personal Ownership

Taking personal responsibility for the outcome by anticipating needs, being
Resourceful and following through until the job is done.


Working across organizational and cultural boundaries to achieve extraordinary
Performance and deliver personal service to customers.


Building a culture based on excellence in thought and in execution to better serve


TASCO stands for Trans Air Sea Cargo Oriented and our motto “Your Success is Our Business” Our passion of services in the transportation and logistics activities and is committed to comply with international and national law. Our team has defined TASCO Code of Conduct – ethical standards for business behavior that are anchored throughout the company.

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD. Code of Conduct defines standards and expectations for day-to-day business activities of our employees and executives. Our managers act as role models in this respect.

Based on laws and TASCO Code of Conduct, clear agreements have been made and still are being made within the TASCO Group and stand for ethical behavior in business in accordance with rules and other regulations. These internal stipulations provide guidance for employees and executives in all business transactions and customer contacts. Internal regulations define conduct in particular for the following situations:

Benefits – Give and Take
Transparent guidelines on how to deal with benefits from third parties or gratuities from the company itself

Protecting assets
Guideline on protecting business and trade secrets as well as TASCO assets

Cartel law / Price fixing
Information and guidelines for how to avoid competition-restricting agreements, price fixing and offers that restrict fair competition

Agents, brokers, consultants
Rules on both cooperation and selection

Conflicts of interest
Guidelines on how to avoid conflicts of interests i.e. between private interests of employees and its employer

We are really fully satisfied with TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED, services and performance. They delivered reliable break bulk vessel chartering to our all available commodities since 2013. Our management always appreciated TASCO team!

Marie Christine

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED serves us a very professional warehouse supply chain logistics services. And we thanks full to Team TASCO that they delivered more then we assume. We highly appreciated TASCO motto “Your Success is our business

Nobuo Ishida

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED is our exclusive custom clearing and freight forwarding partner. There HS CODE import / export facilities one of the main key part of our success full business. We are highly satisfied with TASCO team and their services.

Wanna Lorluelert

We pleasure to work with TASCO international logistics company limited. buying & Selling and Procurement services, we always get what we need TASCO international logistics company limited always care the best quality supplies to us in reasonable price with very competitive freight rates. we are really thanks full to team TASCO. With hope of longer business relationship

Eduardo Steigerwald

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED. Port and shipping agency facilities, give us the most economical cost factor and it’s really help full for us to achieve our goals to lifting maximum volume of Teu’s. We highly appreciated team TASCO and there company motto “Your Success is our business” is absolute reality. Thanks TASCO

Thorsten Neumann

ASEAN, will be the future biggest economical hub, especially for joint border countries.
TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED, really understand our needs and we are very glad to use there cross border trucking services & contractor liner facilities. It does really make us comfortable. Thanks team TASCO!

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