9001 optical fibers & bund etc, pol sheets, unmoun opt elem

900110 Optical fibers, optical fiber bundles and cables
900120 Sheets and plates of polarizing material
900130 Contact lenses
900140 Spectacle lenses of glass
900150 Spectacle lenses of other materials
900190 Other: prisms, mirrors and other optical elements, of any material, unmounted, other than such elements of glass not optically worked
9002 optical Elements, mounted, Parts & Accessories

900211 For cameras, projectors or photographic enlargers or reducers:
900219 Other Objective lenses and parts and accessories
900220 Filters and parts and accessories thereof:
900290 Other Optical Elements, of Any Material, Mounted
9003 frames & mountings for spectacles, goggles etc,

900311 Frames and mountings: Of plastics
900319 Frames and mountings: Of other materials
900390 Parts of Frames and mountings for spectacles, goggles or the like
9004 spectacles, goggles etc, correct, protect etc

900410 Sunglasses
900490 Other Spectacles, Goggles & the Like, Corrective, Protective or Other
9005 optical telescopes & mount, astro inst & mount, pt

900510 Binoculars:
900580 Other instruments Monoculars, Other Optical Telescopes; Other Astronomical Instruments
900590 Optical telescopes: Parts and accessories (including mountings)
9006 photographic still cameras, flash apparatus etc

900610 Cameras of a kind used for preparing printing plates or cylinders
900620 Cameras of a kind used for recording documents on microfilm, microfiche or other microforms
900630 Cameras specially designed for underwater use, for aerial survey or for medical or surgical examination of internal organs; comparison cameras for forensic or criminological purposes
900640 Instant print cameras
900651 With a through-the-lens viewfinder (single lens reflex (SLR)), for roll film of a width not exceeding 35 mm (14 inch)
900652 Other, for roll film of a width less than 35 mm (14 inch)
900653 Other, for roll film of a width of 35 mm (14 inch)
900659 Other
900661 Discharge lamp (“electronic”) flashlight apparatus
900662 Flashbulbs, flashcubes, and the like
900669 Other Photographic Flashlight Apparatus
900691 Parts and accessories For cameras
900699 Other Parts & Accessories for Photographic Flashlight Apparatus & Flashbulbs
9007 cinematographic cameras & projectors parts etc

900711 Cinematographic Cameras For film of less than 16mm (06 inch) width or for double-8mm (03 inch) film
900719 Other Cinematographic Cameras
900721 Projectors For film of less than 16mm (06 inch) in width
900729 Other projectors
900791 Parts and accessories For cameras
900792 Parts and accessories For projectors
9008 image projectors, still, enlargers etc, still, pts

900810 Slide projectors
900820 Microfilm, microfiche or other microform readers,
900830 Other image projectors
900840 Photographic (other than cinematographic) enlargers and reducers
900890 Parts and accessories
9009 photocopy apparatus & thermocopy apparatus, pts

900911 Electrostatic photocopying apparatus Operating by reproducing the original image directly onto the copy (direct process)
900912 Electrostatic photocopying apparatus Operating by reproducing the original image via an intermediate onto the copy (indirect process)
900921 Photo-copying Apparatus Incorporating an optical system
900922 Photo-copying Apparatus Of the contact type
900930 Thermocopying apparatus
900990 Parts and accessories (Photocopying Apparatus & Thermocopying Apparatus)
9010 apparatus etc for photo labs etc nesoi, parts etc

901010 Apparatus and equipment for automatically devel-oping photographic (including cinematographic) film or paper in rolls or for automatically expo-sing developed film to rolls of photographic paper
901020 Other apparatus and equipment for photographic (including cinematographic) laboratories; negatoscopes:
901030 Projection screens
901090 Parts and accessories
9011 compound optical microscopes, parts & accessories

901110 Stereoscopic Microscopes
901120 Other microscopes, for photomicrography, cinephotomicrography or microprojection
901180 Other Compound optical microscopes
901190 Parts and accessories of Compound optical microscopes
9012 microscopes, except optical, diffract appar, parts

901210 Microscopes other than optical microscopes; and diffraction apparatus
901290 Parts and accessories (Microscopes; Diffraction Apparatus)
9013 liquid crystal devices nesoi, lasers, opt appl, pt

901310 Telescopic sights for fitting to arms; periscopes; telescopes designed to form parts of machines, appliances, instruments or apparatus of this
901320 Lasers, other than laser diodes
901380 Other Devices, appliances And Instruments
901390 Parts and accessories(Liquid Crystal Devices; Lasers; Other Optical Appliances)
9014 direction finding compasses & navig inst etc, pts

901410 Direction finding compasses:
901420 instruments and appliances for aeronautical or space navigation (other than compasses):
901480 Other Navigational instruments and appliances:
901490 Parts and accessories(Direction Finding Compasses; Other Navigational Instruments)
9015 survey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, rangef etc, pts

901510 Rangefinders
901520 Theodolites and tachyometers
901530 Levels
901540 Photogrammetrical surveying instruments and appliances
901580 Other instruments and appliances : Surveying, Hydrographic, Oceanographic or Hydrological Instruments
901590 Parts and accessories : Surveying, Hydrographic, Oceanographic or Hydrological Instruments

901600 Balances of a sensitivity of 5 cg or better, with or without weights; parts and accessories thereof
9017 drawing, math, measuring inst etc nesoi, parts

901710 Drafting Tables And Machines, whether Or Not Automatic
901720 Other drawing, marking-out or mathematical calculating instruments
901730 Micrometers , calipers And gauges:
901780 Other instruments for Measuring Length, for Use in the Hand
901790 Parts and accessories: (Drawing, Marking-out or Mathematical Calculating Instruments)
9018 medical, surgical, dental or vet inst, no elec, pt

901811 Electrocardiographs, and parts and accessories thereof:
901819 Other Electro-diagnostic Apparatus
901820 Ultraviolet or infrared ray apparatus, and parts and accessories thereof
901831 Syringes, with or without needles; parts and accessories thereof:
901832 Tubular metal needles and needles for sutures and parts and accessories thereof
901841 Dental drill engines, whether or not combined on a single base with other dental equipment, and parts and accessories thereof
901849 Other instruments and Appliances, Used in Dental Sciences
901850 Other ophthalmic instruments and appliances and, parts and accessories thereof
901890 Other Medical, Surgical or Veterinary Instruments and Appliances, and parts and accessories thereof:
9019 mech-ther massage, psych test, ozone app etc, pts

901910 Mechano-therapy appliances; massage apparatus; psychological aptitude-testing apparatus; parts and accessories thereof:
901920 Ozone therapy, oxygen therapy, aerosol therapy, artificial respiration or other therapeutic respi-ration apparatus; parts and accessories thereof
9020 breathing appliances & gas masks nesoi, parts etc

902000 Other breathing appliances and gas masks, excluding protective masks having neither mechanical parts nor replaceable filters; parts and accessories thereof:
9021 orthopedic appl, artif body pts, hear aid, pts etc

902111 Artificial joints and parts and accessories thereof
902119 Other Orthopaedic or Fracture Appliances
902121 Artificial teeth; and parts and accessories thereof:
902129 Other Artificial Parts of the Body for Dental Fittings
902130 Other artificial parts of the body, and parts and accessories thereof
902140 Hearing aids, excluding parts and accessories thereof
902150 Pacemakers for stimulating heart muscles, excluding parts and accessories thereof
902190 Other Appliances Which Are Worn in the Body, to Compensate for a Defect
9022 x-ray etc apparatus, tubes, panels, screen etc, pt

902211 Apparatus based on the use of X-rays For medical, surgical, dental or veterinary uses
902219 Apparatus based on the use of X-rays For other uses
902221 Apparatus based on the use of alpha, beta or gamma radiations For medical, surgical, dental or veterinary uses
902229 Apparatus based on the use of alpha, beta or gamma radiations For other uses:
902230 X-ray tubes
902290 Other, including parts and accessories:Other Apparatus Based On the Use of X-rays or of A, B or R Radiations
9023 inst, appts & models, for demonstrational use & parts

902300 Instruments, apparatus and models, designed for demonstrational purposes (for example, in education or exhibitions), unsuitable for other uses, and parts and accessories thereof
9024 machines etc for testing mech prop of material, pt

902410 Machines and appliances for testing metals
902480 Other machines and appliances for testing metals
902490 Parts and accessories of Machines & Appliances for Testing of Materials
902511 Thermometers and pyrometers, not combined with other instruments Liquid-filled, for direct reading:
902519 Other: Thermometers and pyrometers, not combined with other instruments
902520 Barometers, not combined with other instruments
902580 Other Instruments(Hydrometers, Pyrometers, Hygrometers And Psychrometers)
902590 Parts and accessories (Hydrometers, Pyrometers, Hygrometers and Psychrometers)
9026 inst etc measure or check flow, level etc, pts etc

902610 Instruments and apparatus For measuring or checking the flow or level of liquids:
902620 Instruments and apparatus For measuring or checking pressure
902680 Other instruments or apparatus for Measuring or Checking of Gases or Liquids
902690 Parts and accessories (Flow Meters, Level Gauges, Manometers, Heat Meters)
9027 inst etc for physical etc anal etc, microtome, pts

902710 Gas or smoke analysis apparatus
902720 Chromatographs and electrophoresis instruments
902730 Spectrometers, spectrophotometers and spectrographs using optical radiations (ultraviolet, visible, infrared):
902740 Exposure meters
902780 Other instruments and apparatus using optical radiations (ultraviolet, visible, infrared)
902790 Microtomes; parts and accessories(Polarimeters, Spectrometers, Luxmeters)
9028 gas, liquid or electric supply etc meters, parts

902810 Gas meters
902820 Liquid meters
902830 Electricity meters
902890 Parts and accessories:Gas, Liquid or Electricity Supply or Production Meters
9029 revolution & production count, taximeters etc, pts

902910 Revolution counters, production counters, taximeters, odometers, pedometers and the like
902920 Speedometers and tachometers; stroboscopes
902990 Parts and accessories(Revolution Counters, Taximeters, Speed Indicators, Stroboscopes)
9030 oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers etc, parts etc

903010 Instruments and apparatus for measuring or detecting ionizing radiations
903020 Cathode-ray oscilloscopes and cathode-ray oscillographs
903031 Multimeters
903039 Other Instruments for Measuring or Checking Voltage, Current or Power
903040 Other instruments and apparatus, specially designed for telecommunications (for example, cross-talk meters, gain measuring instruments, distortion factor meters, psophometers)
903081 With a recording device(Volt Meters, Am Meters, Circuit Testers)
903089 Other: Spectrum Analysers
903090 Parts and accessories (Oscilloscopes, Volt Meters, Am Meters, Cross Talk Meters)
9031 machines, nesoi in Chapter 90, profile project, pt

903110 Machines for balancing mechanical parts
903120 Test benches
903130 Profile projectors
903140 Other optical instruments and appliances:
903180 Other Measuring or Checking instruments, appliances and machines:
903190 Parts and accessories (Profile Projectors, Focimeters, Ultrasonic Fish Finders, Load-cells)
9032 automatic regulating or control instruments, parts

903210 Thermostats
903220 Manostats
903281 Hydraulic or pneumatic
903289 Other Automatic Regulating or Controlling instruments & Apparatus
903290 Parts and accessories (Automatic Regulating or Controlling Instruments & Apparatus)
9033 parts, nesoi for machines, appln, inst/appts of Chap 90

903300 Parts and accessories (not specified or included else-where in this chapter) for machines, appliances,


9101 watches , wrist, pocket etc, prec metal or clad case

910111 Wrist watches, battery powered, With mechanical display only
910112 Wrist watches, battery powered, With opto-electronic display only
910119 Other Wrist watches, battery powered
910121 Wrist watches With automatic winding
910129 Other Wrist watches
910191 Rocket-watches & Other Watches, Battery or Accumulator Powered
910199 Other (Pocket-watches & Other Watches)
9102 watches, wrist, pocket etc, case not prec nor clad

910211 Wrist watches, battery powered, With mechanical display only
910212 Wrist watches, battery powered, With opto-electronic display only
910219 Other Wrist watches, battery powered
910221 Other wrist watches With automatic winding
910229 Other wrist watches, Not Automatic Winding
910291 Pocket Watches and Other Watches, Battery powered
910299 Other(Pocket Watches and Other Watches)
9103 clocks with watch movement, excluding inst panel clock

910310 Clocks with watch movements, Battery powered
910390 Other Clocks with watch movements
9104 inst panel clock & clock simlr, for vehicle, aircraft, etc

910400 Instrument panel clocks and clocks of a similar type for vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft or vessels
9105 clocks, with clock movements other than inst panel etc

910511 Alarm clocks, Battery or AC powered
910519 Other Alarm clocks
910521 Wall clocks, Battery or AC powered
910529 Other Wall clocks
910591 Other clocks, Battery or AC powered
910599 Other clocks
9106 time of day recording appar etc, with clock etc mt

910610 Time registers; time-recorders
910620 Parking meters
910690 Other Time of day recording apparatus
9107 time switches w clock/watch mvmt/synchronous motor

910700 Time switches with clock or watch movement or with synchronous motor
9108 watch movements, Complete & assembled

910811 Watch movements, complete and assembled: Battery powered: With mechanical display only or with a device to which a mechanical display can be incorporated
910812 Watch movements, complete and assembled: Battery powered: With opto-electronic display only
910819 Other Watch movements, complete and assembled: Battery powered:
910820 Watch movements With automatic winding
910891 Other Watch Movements, Measuring 338 mm (13 in) or less
910899 Other Watch movements, complete and assembled
9109 clock movements, Complete & assembled

910911 Clock movements, complete and assembled: Battery or AC powered: Of alarm clocks
910919 Other Clock movements, complete and assembled: Battery or AC powered
910990 Other Clock movements, complete and assembled
9110 complete watch or clock mvt, incom watch or clock mvt

911011 Of watches: Complete movements, unassembled or partly assembled (movement sets)
911012 of watches: Incomplete movements, assembled
911019 of watches: Rough movements
911090 Complete, Incomplete or Rough Clock Movements
9111 watch cases And Parts

911110 Watch Cases of precious metal or of metal clad with precious metal
911120 Watch Cases of base metal, whether or not gold or silver-plated
911180 Other Watch cases
911190 Parts of Watch cases
9112 clock cases & cases for other goods etc, parts

911210 Clock Cases of metal
911280 Other Clock cases
911290 Parts of Clock cases
9113 watch straps, watch bands and watch bracelets, pts

911310 Watch straps, watch bands and watch bracelets Of precious metal or of metal clad with precious metal
911320 Watch straps, watch bands and watch bracelets Of base metal, whether or not gold-or silver-plated
911390 Other Watch straps, watch bands and watch bracelets, and parts thereof
9114 clock or watch parts, nesoi

911410 Springs, including hair-springs
911420 Jewels
911430 Dials
911440 Plates and bridges
911490 Other clock or watch parts


9201 pianos, harpsichords & other keyboard string instr

920110 Upright pianos
920120 Grand pianos
920190 Harpsichords and Other Keyboard Stringed Instruments
9202 string musical instruments nesoi (violins etc)

920210 String Musical Instruments, Played with a bow
920290 Other String Musical Instruments
9203 keyboard, pipe organs, etc, with free metal reeds

920300 Keyboard pipe organs; harmoniums and similar keyboard instruments with free metal reeds
9204 accordions and similar instruments, mouth organs

920410 Accordions and similar instruments
920420 Mouth Organs
9205 wind musical instruments nesoi

920510 Brass-wind instruments
920590 Other wind musical instruments
9206 percussion musical instruments drums etc

920600 Percussion musical instruments (for example, drums, xylophones, cymbals, castanets, maracas)
9207 musical instruments with sound electric prod etc

920710 Keyboard instruments, other than accordions:
920790 Other Musical Instruments, Electrically
9208 musical boxes, fairground organs etc, whistles etc

920810 music boxes
920890 Other(Fairground Organs, Mechanical Street Organs, Mechanical singing Birds)
9209 parts etc of musical instr, metronomes, t fork etc

920910 Metronomes, tuning forks and pitch pipes
920920 Mechanisms for music boxes
920930 Musical instrument strings
920991 Parts and accessories for pianos
920992 Parts and accessories for String Musical instruments (Guitars, Violins)
920993 Parts and accessories for Keyboard Pipe Organs; Harmoniums, Reed Organs
920994 Parts and accessories for Electric Musical Instruments
920999 Other Parts and Accessories of Musical Instruments


9301 military weapons ex revolvers pistols lances etc

930100 Military weapons, other than revolvers, pistols, Swords and Cutlasses
9302 revolvers & pistols, designed to fire live ammo

930200 Revolvers and pistols, other than those of heading 9303 or 9304
9303 sport shotguns & rifles etc, very pistols etc

930310 Muzzle-loading firearms
930320 Other sporting, hunting or target-shooting shotguns, including combination shotgun-rifles:
930330 Other sporting, hunting or target-shooting rifles:
930390 Other Devices Designed to project Only Signal Flares
9304 arms nesoi, other than side arms and similar arms

930400 Other arms (for example, spring, air or gas guns and pistols, truncheons), excluding those of heading 9307 No
9305 parts & accessories of arms of head 9301 to 9304

930510 Parts and accessories Of revolvers or pistols
930521 Shotgun barrels
930529 Other Parts and Accessories of Shotguns or Rifles
930590 Parts and Accessories for Military Weapons and Other Arms
9306 bombs, grenades etc, cartridges etc and parts

930610 Cartridges for riveting or similar tools or for captive-bolt humane killers and parts thereof
930621 Shotgun cartridges
930629 Parts of Shotgun Cartridges; Air Gun Pellets
930630 Other cartridges and parts thereof:
930690 Bombs, Grenades, Torpedoes, Mines, Missiles; Other Ammunition & Projectiles
9307 swords, cutlasses, bayonets, & siml arms & parts

930700 Swords, cutlasses, bayonets, lances and similar arms and parts thereof and scabbards and sheaths therefor


9401 seats (except barber, dental, etc), and parts

940110 Seats of a Kind Used for Aircraft
940120 Seats of a Kind Used for Motor Vehicles
940130 Swivel Seats With Variable Height Adjustment
940140 Seats Other than Garden Seats, Convertible Into Beds
940150 Seats of Cane, Osier, Bamboo or Similar Materials
940161 Seats, With Wooden Frames, Upholstered
940169 Other Seats, With Wooden Frames
940171 Seats, With Metal Frames, Upholstered
940179 Other Seats, With Metal Frames
940180 Other Seats (Other than Dentists’ or Barbers’ Chairs)
940190 Parts of Seats Other than Dentists’
9402 medical, surgical, dental or veterinary furn etc

940210 Dentists ‘ , Barbers’ or Similar Chairs and Parts Thereof
940290 Other Medical, Surgical, Dental or Veterinary Furniture
9403 furniture nesoi and parts thereof

940310 Metal Furniture of a Kind Used in Offices
940320 Other Metal Furniture
940330 Wooden Furniture of a Kind Used in Offices
940340 Wooden Furniture of a Kind Used in the Kitchen
940350 Wooden Furniture of a Kind Used in the Bedroom
940360 Other Wooden Furniture
940370 Furniture of Plastics
940380 Furniture of Other Materials, Including Cane, Osier or Bamboo
940390 Parts of Beds, Desks, Stationery Chests, Dressers or Other Furniture
9404 mattress supports, articles of bedding etc

940410 Mattress Supports
940421 Mattresses of Cellular Rubber or Plastics, Whether or Not Covered
940429 Mattresses of Other Materials
940430 Sleeping Bags
940490 Other Articles of Bedding and Similar Furnishing (Quilts, Cushions)
9405 lamps & lighting fittings & parts etc nesoi

940510 Chandeliers & Other Electric Ceiling or Wall Lighting Fittings
940520 Electric Table, Desk , Bedside or Floor-standing Lamps
940530 Lighting Sets of a Kind Used for Christmas Trees
940540 Other Electric Lamps and Lighting Fittings
940550 Non-electrical Lamps and Lighting Fittings
940560 Illuminated Signs, Illuminated Name Plates and the Like
940591 Parts of Glass, of Lamps, Lighting Fittings or Illuminated Signs
940592 Parts of Plastics, of Lamps. Lighting Fittings or Illuminated Signs
9406 Prefabricated Buildings

940600 Prefabricated Buildings


9501 wheel toys ridden by child, doll stroll, pts & access

950100 Wheeled Toys Designed to Be Ridden By Children; Dolls’ Carriages
9502 dolls, representing only human beings, & parts etc

950210 Dolls Representing Only Human Beings
950291 Garments and Accessories for Dolls, Foot Wear and Headgear
950299 Parts for Dolls Representing Only Human Beings
9503 toys nesoi, scale models etc, puzzles, parts etc

950310 Electric Trains , Including Tracks, Signals & Other Accessories Theref
950320 Reduced-size (“scale”) Model Assembly Kits, Excluding Electric Trains
950330 Other Construction Sets and Constructional Toys
950341 Toys Representing Animals, Stuffed
950349 Other Toys Representing Animals
950350 Toy Musical Instruments and Apparatus
950360 Puzzles
950370 Other Toys, Put up in Sets or Out-fits
950380 Other Toys and Models, Incorporating a Motor
950390 Other Toys
9504 articles for arcade, table or parlor games, parts

950410 Video Games of a Kind Used With a Television Receiver
950420 Articles, Parts and Accessories for Billiards
950430 Other Games, Coin-or Disc-operated Other than Bowling Alley Equipment
950440 Playing Cards
950490 Other Articles for Funfair, Table or Parlour Games
9505 festive, carnival or other entertainment art, pts

950510 Articles for Christmas Festivities
950590 Other Festive, Carnival or Entertainment Articles
9506 articles & equip for sports etc nesoi, pools, pts

950611 Snow -skis
950612 Snow -ski – fastenings(ski – bindings)
950619 Other Snow-ski Equipment
950621 Sailboards
950631 Golf Clubs, Complete
950632 Golf Balls
950639 Other Golf Equipment
950640 Articles and Equipment for Table-tennis
950651 Lawn-tennis Rackets, Whether or Not Strung
950659 Other Tennis, Badminton or Similar Rackets
950661 Lawn-tennis Balls
950662 Balls , Inflatable
950669 Other Balls, Other than Golf Balls and Table-tennis Balls
950670 Ice Skates and Roller Skates
950691 Gymnasium or Athletics Articles and Equipment
950699 Other Articles for Other Sports; Swimming Pools and Padding Pools
9507 fishing rods & tackle, nets, decoys etc, parts etc

950710 Fishing Rods
950720 Fish -hooks
950730 Fishing Reels
950790 Other Fishing Fackles; Butterfly Nets; Hunting or Shooting Requisites
9508 merry-go-rounds, other fairground amusements, parts

950800 Roundabouts, Swings, Shooting Galleries & Other Fairground Amusements


9601 worked ivory, bone etc & articles thereof

960110 Worked Ivory and Articles of Ivory
960190 Worked Other Animal Carving Material, and Articles of These Materials
9602 veg molded resin etc carving material, nesoi

960200 Worked Vegetable or Mineral Carving Materials; Moulded Articles
9603 brooms, brushes, mops, feather dusters etc

960310 Brooms and Brushes
960321 Tooth Brushes
960329 Shaving Brushes, Hair Brushes, Nail Brushes, Eyelash Brushes
960330 Artists ‘ Brushes, Writing Brushes & Similar Brushes of Cosmetic
960340 Paint, Distemper, Varnish or Similar Brushes; Paint Pads and Rollers
960350 Other Brushes Constituting Parts of Machines, Appliances or Vehicles
960390 Hand-operated Mechanical Floor Sweepers, Not Motorised, Mops
9604 hand sieves and hand riddles

960400 Hand Sieves and Hand Riddles
9605 travel sets for personal toilet,etc

960500 Travel Sets for Personal Toilet, Sewing or Shoe or Clothes Cleaning
9606 buttons, press studs etc, button mold & blanks etc

960610 Press-fasteners, Snap-fasteners and Press-studs and Parts Therefor
960621 Buttons of Plastics, Not Covered With Textile Material
960622 Buttons of Base Metal , Not Covered With Textile Material
960629 Other Buttons
9607 slide fasteners and parts thereof

960711 Slide Fasteners , Fitted With Chain Scoops of Base Metal
960719 Other Slide Fasteners
960720 Parts of Slide Fasteners
9608 pens (ball point, soft tip etc), mech pencils etc, pt

960810 Ball Point Pens
960820 Felt Tipped and Other Porous-tipped Pens and Markers
960831 Indian Ink Drawing Pens
960839 Fountain Pens, Stylograph Pens and Other Pens
960840 Propelling or Sliding Pencils
960850 Sets of Articles from Two or More of Ball Point Pens & Other Pens
960860 Refills for Ball Point Pens, Comprising the Ball Point & Ink-reservoi
960891 Pen Nibs and Nip Points
960899 Pen-holders, Pencil-holders and Similar Holders; Parts
9609 pencils (lead encased), crayons, leads, chalks etc

960910 Pencils and Crayons, With Leads Encased in a Rigid Sheath
960920 Pencil Leads, Black Or Coloured
960990 Pastels, Drawing Charcoals and Chalks
9610 slates & boards,with writing or drawing surfaces

961000 Slates and Boards , With Writing or Drawing Surfaces
9611 date sealing or numbering stamps, etc for hand oper

961100 Date, Sealing or Numbering Stamps , and the Like, Hand-operated
9612 typewriter etc ribbons, inked or prep, ink pads

961210 Typewriter or Similar Ribbons
961220 Ink –Pads
9613 cigarette lighters & other lighters, parts nesoi

961310 Pocket Lighters, Gas Fuelled, Non-refillable
961320 Pocket Lighters, Gas Fuelled, Refillable
961330 Table Lighters
961380 Other Lighters
961390 Parts of Cigarette Lighters & Other Lighters, Other than Flints
9614 smoking pipes & bowls, cigar etc holders, & parts

961410 Roughly Shaped Blocks of Wood or Root, for the Manufacture of Pipes
961420 Smoking Pipes and Pipe Bowls
961490 Cigar or Cigarette Holders and Other Smoking Pipes, and Parts Thereof
9615 combs, hair-slides etc, hairpins, curling pins etc

961511 Combs, Hair-slides and the Like, of Hard Rubber or Plastics
961519 Other Hair-slides and the Like
961590 Hair-pins, Curling Pins, Curling Grips, Hair-curlers and the Like
9616 scent & similar sprayers etc, powder puffs & pads

961610 Scent Sprays and Similar Toilet Sprays, and Mounts and Heads Therefor
961620 Powder-puffs & Pads for the Application of Cosmetics or Toilet
9617 vacuum flasks & vessels w cases, pts ex glass inner

961700 Vacuum Flasks and Other Vacuum Vessels, Complete With Cases; Parts
9618 Tailors ' dummies & other mannequins for display

961800 Tailors ‘ Dummies and Other Lay Figures; Automata


9701 paintings, drawings etc by hand as art, collage etc

970110 Paintings, Drawings and Pastels, Executed Entirely By Hand
970190 Collages and Similar Decorative Plaques
9702 Original Engravings, Prints & Lithographs

970200 Original Engravings, Prints And Lithographs
970300 Original Sculptures and Statuary, in Any Materials
9704 postage or revenue stamps, firstday covers

970400 Postage or Revenue Stamps, Stamp-postmarks, and the Like, Used
9705 collectors items of botanic, historical etc interest

970500 Collections and Collectors’ Pieces
9706 antiques of an age exceeding one hundred years

970600 Antiques of an Age Exceeding One Hundred Years

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