2501 salt incl table & dentrd, pure sodium chloride

250100 Salt, Pure Sodium Chloride, Sea Water
2502 unroasted iron pyrites

250200 Unroasted Iron Pyrites
2503 sulfur of all kinds nesoi

250310 Sulphur (Crude or Unrefined)
250390 Sulphur (Other than Crude or Unrefined Sulphur
2504 natural graphite

250410 Natural Graphite (In Powder or in Flakes)
250490 Natural Graphite (Other than in Powder or in Flakes)
2505 natural sands of all kinds, except metal-bearing

250510 Silica Sands and Quartz Sands
250590 Other Natural Sands (Other than Metal-bearing Sands)
2506 quartz (other than natural sands), quartzite

250610 Quartz (Other than Natural Sands)
250621 Quartzite (Crude or Roughly Trimmed)
250629 Quartzite (Other than Crude or Roughly Trimmed)
2507 kaolin and other kaolinic clays, incl calcined

250700 Kaolin, Other Kaolinic Clays
2508 clays nesoi, andalusite, kyanite etc, mullite etc

250810 Bentonite
250820 Decolorizing Earths, Fuller’s Earths
250830 Fire-clay
250840 Other Clays
250850 Andalusite, Kyanite, Sillimanite
250860 Mullite
250870 Chamotte, Dinas Earths
2509 chalk
2510 natural calcium (inc alum cal) phosp & phosp chalk

251010 Natural Calcium Phosphates, Aluminium Calcium Phosphates (Unground)
251020 Natural Calcium Phosphates, Aluminium Calcium Phosphates (Ground)
2511 natural barium sulfate, nat barium carbonate nesoi

251110 Natural Barium Sulphate (Barytes)
251120 Natural Barium Carbonate (Witherite)
2512 siliceous fossil meals & earths w spec grav of 1 or less

251200 Siliceous Fossil Meals (Kieselguhr etc.), Similar Siliceous Earths
2513 pumice, emery, natural corundum and garnet etc

251311 Pumice Stone (Crude or in Irregular Pieces)
251319 Pumice Stone (Other than Crude or in Irregular Pieces)
251321 Emery, Natural Corundum, garnet, Other Natural Abrasives (Crude or in Irregular Pieces)
251329 Other Emery, Natural Corundum, Natural Garnet, Other Natural Abrasive
2514 slate, crude or roughly trimmed

251400 Slate
2515 marble, travertine etc. and alabaster, crude etc.

251511 Marble, Travertine (Crude or Roughly Trimmed)
251512 Marble, Travertine (Merely Cut By Sawing or Otherwise)
251520 Ecaussine, Other Calcareous Monumental or Building Stone
2516 granite, porphyry, basalt etc., crude or cut etc.

251611 Granite (Crude or Roughly Trimmed)
251612 Granite (Merely Cut By Sawing or Otherwise)
251621 Sandstone (Crude or Roughly Trimmed)
251622 Sandstone (Merely Cut By Sawing or Otherwise)
251690 Other Monumental or Building Stone
2517 pebbles, gravel etc, macadam of slag, dross etc.

251710 Pebbles, Gravel, Broken or Crushed Stone, Shingle and Flint
251720 Macadam of Slag, Dross or Similar Industrial Waste
251730 Tarred Macadam
251741 Granules, Chippings, Powder of Marble
251749 Granules, Chippings, Powder of Basalt, Granite, Porphyry, Sandstone
2518 dolomite, calcined or not, roughly trimmed etc.

251810 Dolomite (Not Calcined)
251820 Dolomite (Calcined)
251830 Agglomerated Dolomite (Including Tarred Dolomite)
2519 magnesite, fused magnesia, d-b magn, m oxide nesoi

251910 Natural Magnesium Carbonate (Magnesite)
251990 Fused Magnesia, Dead-burned Magnesia, Other Magnesium Oxide
2520 gypsum, anhydrite, plasters (cal gypsm or sulfate)

252010 Gypsum, Anhydrite
252020 Plasters
2521 limestone flux, lmstn & oth cal sto usd mfr lime, cement

252100 Limestone Flux, Limestone, Other Calcareous Stone
2522 quicklime, slaked lime and hydraulic lime

252210 Quicklime
252220 Slaked Lime
252230 Hydraulic Lime
2523 portland cement, aluminous cement, slag cement etc

252310 Cement Clinkers
252321 White Cement (Portland Cement)
252329 Other Portland Cement
252330 Aluminous Cement
252390 Other Hydraulic Cements
2524 asbestos

252400 Asbestos
2525 mica, including splittings, mica waste

252510 Crude Mica, Mica Rifted Into Sheets or Splittings
252520 Mica Powder
252530 Mica Waste
2526 natural steatite, roughly trimmed etc, talc

252610 Natural Steatite, Talc (Not Crushed, Not Powdered)
252620 Natural Steatite, Talcum (Crushed or Powdered)
2527 natural cryolite, natural chiolite

252700 Natural Cryolite, Natural Chiolite
2528 natural borates & conc, natural boric acid n/ov 85%

252810 Natural Sodium Borates
252890 Other Natural Borates and Concentrates Thereof, Natural Boric Acid
2529 feldspar, leucite, nepheline, & syenite, fluorspar

252910 Feldspar
252921 Fluorspar (Containing 97% or Less of Calcium Fluoride)
252922 Fluorspar (Containing More than 97% of Calcium Fluoride)
252930 Leucite, Nepheline and Nepheline Syenite
2530 mineral substances nesoi

253010 Vermiculite, Perlite, Chlorites (Unexpanded)
253020 Kieserite, Epsom Salts (Natural Magnesium Sulfates)
253030 Earth Colors
253040 Natural Micaceous Iron Oxides
253090 Other Mineral Substances


2601 iron ores & concentrates, including roast pyrites

260111 Iron Ores and Concentrates (Non-agglomerated)
260112 Iron Ores and Concentrates (Agglomerated)
260120 Roasted Iron Pyrites
2602 manganese ores & concentrates inc mangnfrs iron ores

260200 Manganese Ores and Concentrates
2603 copper ores and concentrates

260300 Copper Ores and Concentrates
2604 nickel ores and concentrates

260400 Nickel Ores and Concentrates
2605 cobalt ores and concentrates

260500 Cobalt Ores and Concentrates
2606 aluminum ores and concentrates

260600 Aluminium Ores and Concentrates
2607 lead ores and concentrates

260700 Lead Ores and Concentrates
2608 zinc ores and concentrates

260800 Zinc Ores and Concentrates
2609 tin ores and concentrates

260900 Tin Ores and Concentrates
2610 chromium ores and concentrates

261000 Chromium Ores and Concentrates
2611 tungsten ores and concentrates

261100 Tungsten Ores and Concentrates
2612 uranium or thorium ores and concentrates

261210 Uranium Ores and Concentrates
261220 Thorium Ores and Concentrates
2613 molybdenum ores and concentrates

261310 Molybdenum Ores and Concentrates (Roasted)
261390 Molybdenum Ores and Concentrates (Other than Roasted)
2614 titanium ores and concentrates

261400 Titanium Ores and Concentrates
2615 niobium, tantalum, vanadium & zirconium ore & conc

261510 Zirconium Ores and Concentrates
261590 Niobium, Tantalum, Vanadium Ores and Concentrates
2616 precious metal ores and concentrates

261610 Silver Ores and Concentrates
261690 Other Precious Metal Ores and Concentrates
2617 ores and concentrates nesoi

261710 Antimony Ores and Concentrates
261790 Other Ores and Concentrates
2618 granulated slag from iron or steel manufacture

261800 Granulated Slag (Slag Sand) from the Manufacture of Iron or Steel
2619 slag, dross, scalings & other waste from manu iron/steel

261900 Slag, Dross, Scalings, Other Waste from the Manufacture of Iron or Steel
2620 ash & residues (not from iron etc mfr) with metal cont

262011 Hard Zinc Spelter
262019 Other Ash and Residues Containing Zinc
262020 Ash and Residues Containing Lead
262030 Ash and Residues Containing Copper
262040 Ash and Residues Containing Aluminium
262050 Ash and Residues Containing Vanadium
262090 Other Ash and Residues Containing Metals or Metallic Compounds
2621 ash and slag nesoi, including seaweed ash (kelp)

262100 Other Slag and Ash (Including Seaweed Ash)


2701 coal, briquettes, ovoids etc, mfr from coal

270111 Anthracite
270112 Bituminous Coal
270119 Coal (Other than Anthracite, Bituminous Coal)
270120 Briquettes, Ovoids and Similar Solid Fuels
2702 lignite, agglomerated or not, excluding jet

270210 Lignite (Not Agglomerated)
270220 Agglomerated Lignite
2703 peat (including peat litter), incl agglomrtd

270300 Peat (Including Peat Litter)
2704 coke etc of coal, lignite or peat, retort carbon

270400 Coke, Semi-coke of Coal, of Lignite, of Peat; Retort Carbon
2705 coal gas, water gas, prdcr gas etc, ex pet gs & othgs

270500 Coal Gas, Water Gas, Producer Gas, Similar Gases (Other than Petroleum Gas)
2706 mineral tars, including reconstituted tars

270600 Tar Distilled from Coal, from Lignite, from Peat; Other Mineral Tars
2707 oils etc from high temp coal tar, sim aromatic etc

270710 Benzene
270720 Toluene
270730 Xylenes
270740 Naphthalene
270750 Other Aromatic Hydrocarbon Mixtures
270760 Phenols
270791 Creosote Oils
270799 Other Products of Distillation of High Temperature Coal Tar
2708 pitch & pitch coke from coal tar or other min tars

270810 Pitch (Obtained from Coal Tar or Other Mineral Tars)
270820 Pitch Coke (Obtained from Coal Tar or Other Mineral Tars)
2709 crude oil from petroleum and bituminous minerals

270900 Petroleum Oils and Oils Obtained from Bituminous Minerals (Crude)
2710 oil (not crude) from petrol & bitum mineral etc,

271000 Petroleum Oils, Oils Obtained from Bituminous Minerals, PreparationsThereof
2711 petroleum gases & other gaseous hydrocarbons

271111 Natural Gas (Liquefied)
271112 Propane (Liquefied)
271113 Butanes (Liquefied)
271114 Ethylene, Propylene, Butylene, Butadiene (Liquefied)
271119 Other Petroleum Gases, Gaseous Hydrocarbons (Liquefied)
271121 Natural Gas
271129 Other Petroleum Gases, Other Gaseous Hydrocarbons
2712 petroleum jelly, mineral waxes & similar products

271210 Petroleum Jelly
271220 Paraffin Wax Containing By Weight Less than 0.75% of Oil
271290 Other Mineral Waxes, Similar Products Obtained By Synthesis
2713 petroleum coke, petroleum bitumen & other residues

271311 Petroleum Coke (Not Calcined)
271312 Petroleum Coke (Calcined)
271320 Petroleum Bitumen
271390 Other Residues of Petroleum Oils or Bituminous Mineral Oils
2714 bitumen & asphalt, natural, shale & tar sands etc.

271410 Bituminous or Oil Shale and Tar Sands
271490 Bitumen and Asphalt (Natural), Asphaltites, Asphaltic Rocks
2715 bit mixture from nat asph, nat bit, pet bit, min tar or pt

271500 Bituminous Mixtures(Based on Natural Asphalt, Mineral Tar, Mineral Tar Pitch)
2716 electrical energy

271600 Electrical Energy

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