1601 sausages, similar prdt meat etc food prep of these

160100 Sausages and Similar Products, Thereof Food Preparations
1602 prepared or preserved meat, meat offal & blood nesoi

160210 Homogenised Preparations (Of Meat, Offal Meat or Blood)
160220 Prepared or Preserved Liver of Any Animal
160231 Prepared or Preserved Meat, Meat Offal, Blood of Turkeys
160239 Prepared or Preserved Meat, Blood of Poultry (Excluding Turkeys)
160241 Hams and Cuts of Swine (Prepared or Preserved)
160242 Shoulders and Cuts of Swine (Prepared or Preserved)
160249 Prepared or Preserved Other Meat, Blood of Swine (Including Mixtures)160250 Meat, Offal Meat, Blood of Bovine Animals (Prepared or Preserved)
160290 Meat, Offal, Blood of Other Animals (Prepared or Preserved)
1603 extracts etc. of meat, fish, crustaceans, etc.

160300 Extracts and Juices of Meat, Fish Crustaceans, Molluscs,Other Aquatic Invertebrates
1604 prep or pres fish, caviar & caviar substitutes

160411 Salmon (Prepared or Preserved)
160412 Herrings (Prepared or Preserved)
160413 Sardines, Sardinella, Brisling, Sprats (Prepared or Preserved)
160414 Tunas, Skipjack and Bonito (Sarda Spp.) (Prepared or Preserved)
160415 Mackerel (Prepared or Preserved)
160416 Anchovies (Prepared or Preserved)
160419 Prepared or Preserved Other Fish
160420 Other Prepared or Preserved Fish (Excluding Whole or in Pieces)
160430 Caviar, Caviar Substitutes Prepared from Fish Eggs
1605 crustaceans molluscs etc prepared or preserved

160510 Crab (Preserved or Prepared)
160520 Shrimps and Prawns (Prepared or Preserved)
160530 Lobster (Prepared or Preserved
160540 Other Crustaceans (Prepared or Preserved)
160590 Prepared or Preserved Molluscs, Other Aquatic Invertebrates


1701 cane or beet sugar & chem pure sucrose, solid form

170111 Cane Sugar (Raw Sugar Not Added Flavouring or Coloring Matter)
170112 Beet Sugar (Raw Sugar Not Added Flavouring or Coloring Matter)
170191 Cane or Beet Sugar, Chemically Pure Sucrose(Added Flavouring or Coloring Matter)
170199 Other Cane or Beet Sugar, Chemically Pure Sucrose
1702 sugars nesoi, incl chem pure lactose etc, caramel

170210 Lactose, Lactose Syrup
170220 Maple Sugar, Maple Syrup
170230 Glucose, Glucose Syrup (Fructose Content in Dry State Less than 20%)
170240 Glucose, Glucose Syrup (Fructose Content in Dry State 20-50%)
170250 Chemically Pure Fructose
170260 Fructose, Fructose Syrup(Fructose Content in Dry State More than 50%)170290 Other Sugars (Including Invert Sugar)
1703 molasses from the extraction or refining of sugar

170310 Cane Molasses
170390 Molasses (Excluding Cane Molasses)
1704 sugar confection (incl white chocolate), no cocoa

170410 Chewing Gum
170490 Other Sugar Confectionery, Not Containing Cocoa


1801 cocoa beans, whole or broken, raw or roasted

180100 Cocoa Beans (Whole or Broken)
1802 cocoa shells, husks, skins and other cocoa waste

180200 Cocoa Shells, Husks, Skins and Other Cocoa Waste
1803 cocoa paste, defatted or not

180310 Cocoa Paste (Not Defatted)
180320 Cocoa Paste (Wholly or Partly Defatted)
1804 cocoa butter, fat and oil

180400 Cocoa Butter (Fat and Oil)
1805 cocoa powder, not sweetened

180500 Cocoa Powder (Not Containing Added Sugar or Other Sweetening Matter)
1806 chocolate & other food products containing cocoa

180610 Cocoa Powder (Containing Added Sugar or Other Sweetening Matter)
180620 Other Preparations
180631 Food Preparations Containing Cocoa (In Block, Slab, Bar Form; Filled)180632 Food Preparations Containing Cocoa (In Block, Slab, Bar Form; Not Filled)
180690 Cocoa Preparations (In Containers, Packings, in Liquid, Powder, Granular Form)


1901 malt ext, food prep of flour etc un 50% cocoa etc

190110 Preparations for Infant Use
190120 Mixes and Doughs for Preparation of Baker’s Wares
190190 Other Food Preparations of Malt Extract, Flour, Starch, Milk, Cream
1902 pasta, prepared or not, couscous, prepared or not

190211 Pasta (Uncooked; Containing Eggs)
190219 Pasta (Uncooked; Not Containing Eggs)
190220 Stuffed Pasta
190230 Other Pasta
190240 Couscous
1903 tapioca and substitutes from starch in flakes, etc

190300 Tapioca, Substitutes Therefor Prepared from Starch
1904 foods prep by swell cereal, cereal nesoi, grain fm

190410 Prepared Food Obtained By the Swelling or Roasting of Cereals
190490 Prepared Cereals in Grain Form (Other than Corm)
1905 bread, pastry cakes etc: comm wafers, empty caps etc

190510 Crisp Bread
190520 Ginger Bread, Other Similar Bakers’ Wares
190530 Sweet Biscuits, Waffles, Wafers
190540 Rusks, Toasted Bread, Similar Toasted Products
190590 Other Bakers’ Wares, Communion Wafers, Empty Capsules, Sealing Wafers


2001 veg, fruit, nuts etc, prep or pres by vinegar etc

200110 Cucumbers and Gherkins (Prepared or Preserved By Vinegar Acetic Acid)
200120 Onions (Prepared or Preserved By Vinegar or Acetic Acid)
200190 Other Vegetable, Fruit, Nut (Prepared or Preserved By Vinegar, Acetic Acid)
2002 tomatoes prepared or preserved nesoi

200210 Tomatoes, Whole or in Pieces (Prepared or Preserved; Excluding By Vinegar)
200290 Other Tomatoes, Prepared or Preserved (Other than By Vinegar, Acetic Acid)
2003 mushrooms and truffles prepared or preserved nesoi

200310 Mushrooms (Prepared or Preserved; Other than By Vinegar, Acetic Acid)
200320 Truffles (Prepared or Preserved; Other than By Vinegar, Acetic Acid)
2004 vegetables nesoi prepared or preserved nesoi, frozen

200410 Potatoes, Prepared or Preserved (Frozen; Excluding By Vinegar, Acetic Acid)
200490 Other Vegetables and Mixtures of Vegetable (Prepared or Preserved; Frozen)
2005 vegetables nesoi prepared etc nesoi, not frozen

200510 Homogenised Vegetables, Prepared or Preserved (Excluding By Vinegar)
200520 Potatoes, Prepared or Preserved (Excluding By Vinegar; Not Frozen)
200530 Sauerkraut, Prepared or Preserved (Excluding By Vinegar; Not Frozen)
200540 Peas, Prepared or Preserved (Excluding By Vinegar, Acetic Acid, Not Frozen)
200551 Shelled Beans, Prepared or Preserved (Excluding By Vinegar; Not Frozen)
200559 Other Beans, Prepared or Preserved (Excluding By Vinegar; Not Frozen)
200560 Asparagus, Prepared or Preserved
200570 Olives, Prepared or Preserved (Excluding By Acetic Acid; Not Frozen)
200580 Sweet Corn, Prepared or Preserved (Excluding By Acetic Acid; Not Frozen)
200590 Other Vegetables, Prepared or Preserved (Excluding By Vinegar; Not Frozen)
2006 fruit/nuts/fruit-peel etc, preserved by sugar

200600 Fruit, Nuts, Fruit-peel, Other Parts of Plants (Preserved By Sugar)
2007 jams, fruit jellies, marmalades etc, cooked

200710 Homogenised Preparations of Fruit or Nuts
200791 Jams, Fruit Jellies, Marmalades, Puree, Paste of Citrus Fruit
200799 Jams, Jellies, Puree, Paste of Fruit (Other than Citrus Fruit), Nuts
2008 fruit, nuts etc prepared or preserved nesoi

200811 Ground-nuts (Prepared or Preserved)
200819 Other Nuts, Seeds (Prepared or Preserved; Including Mixtures)
200820 Pineapples (Otherwise Prepared or Preserved)
200830 Citrus Fruit (Otherwise Prepared or Preserved)
200840 Pears (Otherwise Prepared or Preserved)
200850 Apricots (Otherwise Prepared or Preserved)
200860 Cherries (Otherwise Prepared or Preserved)
200870 Peaches (Otherwise Prepared or Preserved)
200880 Strawberries (Otherwise Prepared or Preserved)
200891 Palm Hearts (Otherwise Prepared or Preserved)
200892 Mixtures of Fruit, Nuts (Otherwise Prepared or Preserved)
200899 Other Fruit, Nuts, Edible Parts of Plants (Otherwise Prepared, Preserved)
2009 fruit juices (& grape must) & veg juice, no spirit

200911 Orange Juice (Frozen)
200919 Orange Juice (Other than Frozen)
200920 Grapefruit Juice
200930 Juice of Any Other Single Citrus Fruit
200940 Pineapple Juice
200950 Tomato Juice
200960 Grape Juice (Including Grape Must)
200970 Apple Juice
200980 Juice of Any Other Single Fruit or Vegetable
200990 Mixtures of Juice (Of Fruit, Vegetable)


2101 extracts etc of coffee, tea or mate, roast chicory

210110 Extracts, Essences, Concentrates of Coffee, Thereof Preparations
210120 Extracts, Essences, Concentrates of Tea or Mate, Thereof Preparations
210130 Roasted Chicory & Other Coffee Substitutes & Extracts, Essences & Concentrates Thereof
2102 yeasts, dead sing-cell micro-org nesoi, baking powder

210210 Active Yeasts
210220 Inactive Yeasts, Other Single-cell Micro-organisms (Dead)
210230 Prepared Baking Powders
2103 sauces & prep,mixed condiments, mustard flour etc

210310 Soya Sauce
210320 Tomato Ketchup, Other Tomato Sauces
210330 Mustard Flour, Meal, Prepared Mustard
210390 Other Sauces and Preparations Therefor,Mixed Condiments, Mixed Seasoning
2104 soups, broths & preps, homogenized comp food preps

210410 Soups and Broths and Preparations Therefor
210420 Homogenised Composite Food Preparations
2105 ice cream and other edible ice, with cocoa or not

210500 Ice Cream, Other Edible Ice
2106 food preparations nesoi

210610 Protein Concentrates, Textured Protein Substances
210690 Other Food Preparations


2201 waters, natural etc, not sweetened etc, ice & snow

220110 Mineral Waters, Aerated Waters (Not Containing Added Sugar or Flavor)
220190 Other Waters, Ice, Snow
2202 waters, sweetened etc & other nonalc beverages nesoi

220210 Waters (Containing Added Sugar or Flavor)
220290 Other Non-alcoholic Beverages (Other than Fruit or Vegetable Juices)
2203 beer made from malt

220300 Beer Made from Malt
2204 wine of fresh grapes, grape must nesoi

220410 Sparkling Wine
220421 Other Wine, Grape Must (Fermentation Arrested; in Containers 2l or Less)
220429 Other Wine, Grape Must (Fermentation Arrested; Not in Containers 2l or Less)
220430 Grape Must (Excluding Fermentation Prevented By the Addition of Alcohol)
2205 vermouth & other wine of fresh grapes spec flavored

220510 Vermouth, Other Similar Wine (Flavoured; in Containers 2l or Less)
220590 Other Vermouth, Other Similar Wine (Flavoured)
2206 fermented beverages nesoi (cider, berry, mead etc)

220600 Fermented Beverages (Cider, Perry, Mead etc.)
2207 ethyl alcohol, undenat, n/un 80% alc, alcohol, denat

220710 Ethyl Alcohol (Alcoholic Strength80degrees or More)
220720 Ethyl Alcohol, Other Spirits (Denatured)
2208 ethyl alcohol, undenat, und 80% alc, spirit bev etc

220810 C/ompound Alcoholic Preparations for the Manufacture of Beverages
220820 Spirits Obtained By Distilling Grape Wine or Grape Marc
220830 Whiskies
220840 Rum, Tafia
220850 Gin, Geneva
220890 Other Ethyl Alcohol (Strength of Less than 80degrees), Liqueurs
2209 vinegar & substitutes for vinegar from acetic acid

220900 Vinegar, Substitutes for Vinegar Obtained from Acetic Acid


2301 flour, meal etc of meat etc, not for human: greavs

230110 Flours, Meals, Pellets of Meat or Meat Offal (Non Edible); Greaves
230120 Flours, Meals, Pellets of Fish, Crustaceans, Molluscs (Non Edible)
2302 bran, sharps etc from working cereals & leg plants

230210 Residues of Maize (Corn)
230220 Bran, Sharps, Other Residues of Rice
230230 Bran, Sharps, Other Residues of Wheat
230240 Bran, Sharps, Other Residues of Other Cereals
230250 Residues of Leguminous Plants
2303 residues of starch mfr or sugar mfr or brewing etc

230310 Residues of Starch Manufacture and Similar Residues
230320 Beet-pulp, Bagasse, Other Waste of Sugar Manufacture
230330 Brewing or Distilling Dregs and Waste
2304 soybean oilcake & other solid residue, wh/not ground

230400 Oil-cake, Solid Residues Resulting from Extraction of Soya-bean Oil
2305 peanut oilcake & other solid residue, wh/not ground

230500 Oil-cake, Solid Residues Resulting from Extraction of Ground-nut Oil
2306 oilcake etc nesoi, from veg fats & oils nesoi

230610 Oil-cake, Solid Residues Resulting from Extraction of Cotton Seed Oil230620 Oil-cake, Solid Residues Resulting from Extraction of Linseed Oil
230630 Oil-cake, Solid Residues Resulting from Extraction of Sunflower Seed Oil
230640 Oil-cake, Solid Residues Resulting from Extraction of Rape Seed Oil
230650 Oil-cake, Solid Residues Resulting from Extraction of Coconut, Copra Oil
230660 Oil-cake, Solid Residues Resulting from Extraction of Palm Nut Oil
230690 Other Oil-cake, Solid Residues
2307 wine lees, argol

230700 Wine Lees, Argol
2308 veg material, waste etc for feeding animals nesoi

230810 Acorns & Horse-chestnuts
230890 Other Vegetable Material, Vegetable Waste, Residues for Fodder Use
2309 preparations used in animal feeding

230910 Dog or Cat Food, Put up for Retail Sale
230990 Other Preparations of a Kind Used in Animal Feeding


2401 tobacco, unmanufactured, tobacco refuse

240110 Tobacco (Not Stemmed)
240120 Tobacco (Partly or Wholly Stemmed)
240130 Tobacco Refuse
2402 cigars, cigarettes etc., of tobacco or substitutes

240210 Cigars, Cheroots, Cigarillos (Containing Tobacco)
240220 Cigarettes (Containing Tobacco)
240290 Other Cigars, Cheroots, Cigarillos, Cigarettes
2403 tobacco & tobacco subst mfrs nesoi, tob proces etc

240310 Smoking Tobacco
240391 Homogenised or Reconstituted Tobacco
240399 Other Manufactured Tobacco, Tobacco Substitutes, Tobacco Extracts, Essences

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