Tasco Break Bulk & Chartering Services

Tasco Break Bulk & Chartering Services

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD. working alongside the Liner Services Division, our Break-bulk, Heavy lift, & Project Cargo Department offers a Worldwide Service, providing a comprehensive range of bespoke services as demanded by Cargo Owners, Project Managers, Specialist Forwarders, & Charterers alike. We ensure the prompt, seamless, and cost effective movement of your specialist cargoes, whatever the size, weight, or location, from place of origin to final destination.

  • Ship, Barge, Semi-Submersible, & Cargo Aircraft Chartering.
  • Port Handling, Cargo Storage, Loading, Transhipments, & Discharging Services.
  • Heavy Cranes and other Specialist Port Lifting/Handling requirements.
  • Lashing & Securing Services including providing Method Statement.
  • Materials & Force Calculation Reports
  • Supervisory and Reporting attendance at Port & Airport Operations
  • Customs and Cargo Documentation.
In addition our in-house specialist & fully qualified team can procure and manage:
  • Heavy lift & Abnormal Load Transportation
  • Jacking & Skating, and other Installation and De-installation services.
  • Route Survey / Feasibility Studies
  • Specialist Export Packing


Our Chartering & Agency Department offers a Global service, providing a complete range of services designed to ensure the prompt, seamless, and cost effective movement of your cargo, whatever its size,
From point of origin to its final destination, whether inbound or outbound from the Thailand to round globe.

  • Ship, Barge, Semi-Submersible, & Aircraft Chartering.
  • Port Handling, including Cargo Storage, Loading, Transfer, and Discharging Services
  • Heavy Lift Crane age and other specialist Port Lifting/Handling requirements
  • Lashing & Securing Services including the provision of Method, Materials, & Force Calculation Reports to Warranty Surveyor requirements.
  • Supervisory and Reporting attendance at Port & Airport Operations
  • Customs and Cargo Documentation

In addition to general shipping services, our fully experienced team offer specialist services to Ship Owners, Charterers, and Brokers using the latest GSM & Computer Technology to ensure swift and efficient reporting, and the best “alongside” & “on-board” issued documentation, guaranteeing a smooth and effective turnaround at Port including;

  • Specialist Ships Agency services
  • Protective & Husbandry Vessel Agency
  • Express Ships Spares delivery & collection services
  • Bunkering Facilitation
  • Crew Change Services
  • Provision/Facilitation of Specialized Lifting & Port Handling Equipment

We are really fully satisfied with TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED, services and performance. They delivered reliable break bulk vessel chartering to our all available commodities since 2013. Our management always appreciated TASCO team!

Marie Christine

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED serves us a very professional warehouse supply chain logistics services. And we thanks full to Team TASCO that they delivered more then we assume. We highly appreciated TASCO motto “Your Success is our business

Nobuo Ishida

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED is our exclusive custom clearing and freight forwarding partner. There HS CODE import / export facilities one of the main key part of our success full business. We are highly satisfied with TASCO team and their services.

Wanna Lorluelert

We pleasure to work with TASCO international logistics company limited. buying & Selling and Procurement services, we always get what we need TASCO international logistics company limited always care the best quality supplies to us in reasonable price with very competitive freight rates. we are really thanks full to team TASCO. With hope of longer business relationship

Eduardo Steigerwald

TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED. Port and shipping agency facilities, give us the most economical cost factor and it’s really help full for us to achieve our goals to lifting maximum volume of Teu’s. We highly appreciated team TASCO and there company motto “Your Success is our business” is absolute reality. Thanks TASCO

Thorsten Neumann

ASEAN, will be the future biggest economical hub, especially for joint border countries.
TASCO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED, really understand our needs and we are very glad to use there cross border trucking services & contractor liner facilities. It does really make us comfortable. Thanks team TASCO!

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